Once you have decided on the number of transactions you require per month. You will have all your transactions coded and reconciled into you preferred cloud accounting package. We have transactions coded to general ledger stage, ready for your accountant to prepare year end accounts. It does not include invoicing to customers as we feel that is best left to the client account manager as they are the best person to know what to charge out to the client. The packages do include receipting payments as long as the customer identifies the invoice number when they make payment. We can assist with setting up recurring invoicing as part of the setup cost is this is what is required. We also process your payroll (refer to packages for frequency and the number of employees processed) and let you know of your superannuaiton obligations. We provide you with a guide on what you need to do which is basically, takie a pic of your receipt, upload through the App and then we do the rest. All we ask is that you do this within 1-2 days of spending the money or receving the supplier invoice. Dont worry if you go over the number of transactions or require an additonal payroll you can move up to the next level and small fee is charged for any additonal employee payroll or payrun that you may require.

If we take on your account we need to have your file up to date which means all bank accounts reconciled. So just run a bank reconciliation report on all your bank accounts to make sure that there are no outstanding items. Not to worry if there is as we can get this up to date for you for an small additonal fee. We do charge a one off $399 setup fee where we customise the chart of accounts based on your business needs. We also gather informaiton on how you would like the information coded and develop a guideline specific to your business.

As bookkeeping is up to general ledger stage, which means up to the point where you external accoutant does their magic for tax purposes. We work closely with your external accountant. Dont worry, if you dont have one or would prefer it to be done by the same firm the good news is we can assist with our sister company hartpartners were we offer fixed fee tax and accounting services. Why not check us out at www.hartpartners.com.au. This service is only available to Australian clients.

Yes of course, if you are an Australian client, you can still lodge your own BAS returns via the business portal or send through to your external accoutant for lodgement. The good news is, if you are a customer of our sister company Hart Patners and are on one of our fixed fee tax and accounting packages we do all this for you.

No, it doesnt include lodging you BAS return as this is a task post general ledger stage. However if you do have the ATO business portal if you are an Australian client then we can provide you with a report and you can type the figures right into the portal.

Not to worry, we can upgrade you to the next package. Remember a transaction means a bank/credit card transaction line, cash transaction and each accounts payable invoice. It doesnt not include sales invoices as these will be entered in by your client accounts manager but we can look after the receipting. Not to worry if you have an additonal payrun, this is just charged at $10 per additonal payrun and $2 per additonal employee.

The base packages do not include job costing, we can do this but a quote will need to be provided as well as providing you with a step by step guide on how this is best handled.

No, tax advice or prepartion of any tax returns are not included. If you are an Australian client, we can provide this service as part of our sister company Hart Partners. You can check us out at hartpartners.com.au

As the software is in the cloud we can service bookkeeing requirements from Australia, New Zealand, America and the UK. At the end of the day ensuring the accurate recording of the transactions into you system is the same no matter what country. The fundamental principals are the same. We ensure that the GST/VAT charged on the invoice is accurately recorded.

Payroll setup is charged at $10 per employee. If an additonal payrun is require then an additonal fee is charged at $10 per payroll, also $2 per employee over the employee limit per package

No there are no lock in contracts, you can stop at any time and the cancellation will stop at the beginning of the next calendar month. All you need to do is let us know and we can cancel the subscription.

A transaciton means a line in your bank account and each payable invoice. We will post all business bank transactions, posting purchase invoices and expenses, recording cash transactions, credit card transactions and reconciliations.

This service is not part of our base products however we can provide by our sister company Hart Partners. Forecasting and budgeting helps you plan and provides with early-warning signal if cash shortages are going to be experienced.

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